Central Vac Pros is your source for Central Vacuums. We currently cover the entire Upstate, South Carolina market for new construction and existing homes/renovations. 

Unfortunately, many companies that have installed central vacuum cleaners in the past are out of business today. Improper installation of a central vacuum system can result in reduced performance that results in UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS.

Our professionals are totally dedicated to see that your central vacuum system is scheduled ON TIME, PROPERLY DESIGNED, PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED AND PROMPTLY SERVICED. Our goal is to achieve your total satisfaction.

Proper installation is critical to the performance of your VACUFLO Central Vacuum System.

We offer the following 5 point service promise:

Give you a proper detailed estimate that shows materials and labor to install your central vacuum system.

Properly plan your system that is installed based on your cleaning requirements, not a plan that is easier to install.

Proper installation that results in ultimate system performance. 

Measure and validate the sealed and working vacuum for each valve and power unit with a vacuum gauge.

Demonstrate proper usage and supply you with the proper cleaning tools and accessories
Improper installation and undersized power units (someone could offer you a “lowball” price) results in a system that doesn’t perform.

Quality builders across the country install VACUFLO Systems for their customer’s homes. Plus VACUFLO has the best warranty in the central vacuum industry.